Elementary School Girl, Parents, Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Gotemba Premium Outlets!

Elementary School Girl, Parents, Mt. Fuji, Hakone, Gotemba Premium Outlets!

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1 day trip Mt.Fuji, Hakone, Gotemba premium outlet!

We went to Mt. Fuji, Hakone, and Gotemba Premium Outlets with a cute elementary school girl and her parents.

1: Arakurayama Sengen Shrine

The first stop is Arakurayama Sengen Shrine.
It is famous as a place where you can take a picture of the five-story pagoda and Mt.Fuji.

2:Oishi Park( Lake Kawaguchiko)

This park on the shore of Lake Kawaguchi has a beautiful view of Mt.Fuji.

Water birds are always playing and the peaceful atmosphere is nice.

At the store, you can buy many souvenirs of Mt.Fuji.

3: Oshinohakkai UNESCO World Heritage Site village

We enjoyed the pure water of Oshinohakkai

UNESCO world heritage vilage.

The water comes from Mt.Fuji.

The snow of Mt.Fuji goes to the ground deeply, after 70 years the water comes up again and made pure ponds!

You can take Mt.Fuji water for free!

Bring your empty bottle.

Or you can buy the empty bottle 150 yen.

We ate Houtou, the thick noodle which is the Mt.Fuji local speciality !

4:Lake Ashinoko Pirate Boat

A short cruise on a pirate ship is available on Lake Ashi.

The contrast between the red torii gate of Hakone Shrine, the blue Lake Ashi and the white of Mt.Fuji are beautiful.

5:Owakudani sulfur valley

At 1044m in the Hakone volcanic belt, a sulfur plume can be seen nearby.

It is famous for its black boiled eggs boiled in volcanic hot water.

And it is said that if you eat one, you will live seven years longer.

If you remove the black shell, the inside is white.

6: Gotemba Premium Outlets

This is one of the largest outlets in Japan with 290 stores.

This is the only outlet where you can see Mt.Fuji!

It is very large and divided into two major parts, so it is recommended to get a map and make a plan to visit the area first.

What do you think?
Let’s enjoy Mt.Fuji, Hakone, and Gotemba in one day!

I’m nobu , one heart, enjoy together!!!

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