Thrills, Autumn Leaves, Dumplings, this is Hozu River Rafting! 

Thrills, Autumn Leaves, Dumplings, this is Hozu River Rafting!

Hozu River rafting in Kyoto start

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Hozu River Rafting

Hozu River rafting in Kyoto

We enjoyed the most popular river cruise in Kyoto, the Hozu River Rafting.

The Hozu River originates deep in the mountains of Kyoto, winding its way to reach Arashiyama.

In the past, the river was used for water transportation of lumber.

400 years tradition

Hozu river rafting in Kyoto

It is said that river rafting for sightseeing began 400 years ago.

Three boatmen on each boat provide humorous guidance for one and a half hours to two hours.

On November 20, we were able to enjoy the autumn leaves from the boat.

Hozu river rafting colorful autumn leaves

Boat store

Boat store

Also, as you approach Arashiyama, boat stores come up to you and sell Japanese dumplings and sake!

We came across a woman is practicing Japanese flute!

A woman playing Japanese flute

Why don’t you enjoy the wonderful scenery, the humorous guidance of the boatmen who are carrying on a 400-year tradition, and delicious snacks?

The fare is 4,100 yen and the boarding point is a 9-minute walk from JR Kameoka Station (20 minutes from JR Kyoto Station).

Reservations are not required.

If you get to the boarding area by 10:00 in the morning, you should be able to board the first departing boat( there are several of them) without waiting too long.

After that time, you will have to wait for the boats coming back, so it will be difficult to read the time.

We recommend that you get there before 10:00 am.

How is it?

You will enjoy 400 years humorous tradition of Hozu River Rafting , beautiful scenery and foods!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Hozu River rafting finish

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