Hidden best view spot of Mt.Fuji over the lake in HAKONE

‘Hidden best view spot of Mt.FUJI over the lake in HAKONE’

Mt.FUJI and red TORII gate are the nice matching especially over the lake.

Observatory room in NARUKAWA museum

Many Japanese tourists and foreign tourists visit HAKONE to see this view .

The view of Mt.FUJI and lake ashi
Mt.FUJI and lake ASHI

But if you see this view from the port or sightseeing boat , there are always crowds of people around you. Avoid selfie sticks of other guys …
If you want to enjoy this scenery in the calm and quiet atmosphere, go to NARUKAWA MUSEUM of Japanese art .

NARUKAWA museum in Hakone
Observatory room in NARUKAWA museum
Observatory room

It locates just 2 minutes from the MOTO-HAKONE port, the main sightseeing boat station.
It costs 1300 yen (13 dollars) to enter the museum, but you can enjoy Japanese traditional arts and great view at the same time!
I took the video of the observatory room ,you notice how quiet the atmosphere and the scenery from the room looks like. Moreover there is a cafe just right side of the observatory.

Cafe in NARUKAWA museum

The cafe offers the grater sheets with relax atmosphere ,you can drink and eat foods here .

The sightseeing boat

I don’t think even Japanese know this place .

Matcha green tea and Japanese sweets  In NARUKAWA museum
Matcha green tea and Japanese sweets

If you want to see the nice view in quiet atmosphere check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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