Hidden cherry blossoms viewing spot, Kioicho Garden Terrace in Akasaka Tokyo!

Hidden cherry blossoms viewing spot, Kioicho Garden Terrace in Akasakaは Tokyo!

Weeping cherry blossoms at Kioicho garden terrace

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History of Kioicho

Kioicho in Edo period

I went to see cherry blossoms at Kioicho Garden Terrace in Akasaka.

Kioicho( kioi town) was once the residence of the Kii Tokugawa family , Owari Tokugawa family, and Ii family during the Edo period( 1603-1868).

In 1911, the area was named Kioicho after the initials of each family.

Kioicho Garden Terrace

Kioicho garden terrace in Akasaka

Kioicho Garden Terrace is a large building complex that opened in 2016 .

It consists of a luxury hotel, offices, residences, stores, and restaurants.

Edo Castle moat

Moat and cherry blossoms
Moat and fisherman

It is built along the moat of Edo( former name of Tokyo) Castle, and the cherry blossoms over the moat are very beautiful.

The area behind the building is also maintained as a park, leaving a natural setting.

I could here birds were singing this day!

People would not expect to find in the middle of Tokyo.

Families and friends often spend time here relaxing.

Kioicho Garden Terrace at night

Kioicho garden terrace at night
Kioicho garden terrace reflection

At night, it is lit up and create a different atmosphere.

The building lights reflect on the water of the moat, very beautiful!

Why don’t you come and enjoy the cherry blossoms at Kioicho Garden Terrace?

Traditional hotel at Kioicho garden terrace

It’s not in the guide book but worth to visit!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Deer sculpture at Kioicho garden terrace

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