All the cherry blossoms are clones so that bloom at the same time. 

All the cherry blossoms (Someiyoshino )are clones so that bloom at the same time

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Declaration of flowering

Cherry blossoms

Japan has entered the cherry blossom season.

Many news of cherry blossoms will be coming from all over Japan.


There are more than 100 varieties of cherry trees in Japan.

The most popular, and that covers most famous cherry blossom viewing spots, is the Someiyoshino.

The petal color is white pink.

Cherry blossoms

It is said that there are more than a million of Someiyoshino in Japan.

Somei Village planters

Somei village

Someiyoshino had started marketing as a beautiful cherry blossom by the planters of Somei Village in Edo (present-day Tokyo) at the end of the Edo period( 1603-1868).

Someiyoshino has no fruit

Cherry fruits

To begin with, Someiyoshino is a hybrid of Edohigan and Oshima cherry trees.

In other words, it is a type of cherry tree that does not exist in nature.

They do not reproduce naturally because they do not bear fruit.

In other words, the Somei-Yoshino planted today were created by grafting by the planters who took the most beautiful blooming individuals and multiplied them.

In other words, they are cultivated cherry trees.

Someiyoshino is a clone


When trees are grafted, they are all genetically identical.

In other words, all cherry trees blooming in Japan are clones, and DNA analysis in 1995 proved that they have the same DNA.

Cherry trees all over Japan are the result of more than 200 years of effort by tree-planting artisans.

Clones bloom at the same time

Cherry blossoms

Because they are clones, they bloom at the same time.

This is why you can see gorgeous and magnificent cherry blossoms like a explosion!

Why don’t you see the explosion of cherry blossoms in Japan?

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