How to enjoy Mt.TAKAO in Tokyo-2 TENGU fairly

‘How to enjoy Mt.TAKAO in Tokyo -2 TENGU fairly’
Mt.TAKAO is the most popular mountain to hike in the world ,
3 million people go up every year, even small children and old people can walk up using the cable car and the lift.

It’s registered as 3 stars of Michelin guide Japan.

The monk GYOKI climbed AD744 to found YAKUOIN temple, then whole mountain area has been a training places of SHUGENDO ( fusion of Shinto and Buddhism) practitioners. It’s still going now.

If you go up to the YAKUOIN temple, the legendary TENGU status welcome you.
TENGU is a long nose , red face super power fairy who can fly in the sky .
He is thought as a image of SHUGENDO practitioner ,wears the same clothes as the practitioner.
YAKUOIN is the SHUGENDO facility which has shrine and temple together , it’s the typical old Japanese belief.

TENGU fairy looks similar to the western guy with its red face and long nose .

TENGU is a legendary fairy with red face and long nose
TENGU fairy

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