KAWAGUCHIKO lake , Mt.FUJI and colorful leaves’

‘KAWAGUCHIKO lake , Mt.FUJI and colorful leaves’
I visited KAWAGUCHIKO lake one of the 5 lakes skirt of Mt.FUJI.


This lake is famous for its beautiful whole reflection of Mt. FUJI on the surface.

SAKASA Fuji ( reflecting Fuji
SAKASA FUJI( reflecting Mt.FUJI)
Mt.Fuji and colorful leaves
Mt.FUJI and colorful leaves

Also during colorful leaves season ( middle of November to early December) you could see Mt.FUJI, MOMIJI( Japanese maple) and the lake at the same time! This day Mt.FUJI was almost covered by the clouds, could see just a top .

Colorful leaves and KAWAGUCHIKO lake

The lake itself is very beautiful with calm and quiet atmosphere.


It’s north part of KAWAGUCHIKO lake , 5 minutes east from OOISHI PARK on the shore .
If you want to enjoy Mt.FUJI, MOMIJI ( Japanese maple) and lake at the same time, check out here!!

Colorful leaves and Mt.FUJI
Kawaguchiko lake and colorful leaves

You will see the beautiful combination!!
I’m Nobu , one heart enjoy together!!!

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