How to spend a hot summer, Gujo Hachiman Bon Dance!!

How to spend a hot summer,
Gujo Hachiman Bon Dance!!

Gujo Hachiman Bon dance

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Gujo Hachiman

Gujo Hachiman station
Gujo Hachiman water supply

From hot Tokyo, I went to Gujo Hachiman City in Gifu Prefecture.

Located in the mountains of Gifu Prefecture, beautiful water flows through the city.

This time I went to the famous Bon Odori dance in Gujo Hachiman City.

The Bon dance

Bon Festival

The Bon is the day we welcome our loved ones spirits at our home, spend days and send them out with small lanterns not them lost their way to Heaven.

History of Bon dance

Story of Bon dance

The Bon dance is said to be based on a Buddhist legend.

One day, a disciple of Buddha told him that his passed away mother was suffering in hell.

He want to save her, but doesn’t know how to save her.

The Buddha gave him the Dharma called “Segaki,” and the disciple’s mother,was dancing and going to heaven with the joy of having been saved.

10th century Kuya monk

Monk Kuya

Also in the 10th century, Kuya monk spread this dance in order to spread Buddhism.

Nowadays, Bon dances are held throughout Japan in July and August, when people welcome their ancestor’s spirits and have become a typical summer event in Japan.

The longest Bon dance festival

Gujo Hachiman Bon dance schedule

This Gujo Hachiman Bon dance is the longest Bon dance in Japan, held for 35 consecutive nights, changing venues from July 15 to September 9.

August 13-16 is especially famous as an all-night dance, attracting tens of thousands of people.

JR Gujo Hachiman station

JR Gujo Hachiman station and Bon dance

On this day, the venue was in front of JR Gujo Hachiman Station, and I enjoyed the contrast between the train coming to the station and the Bon Odori dancing in front of the station.

If you come to Japan in summer, why don’t you participate in Bon Odori?

The dance is very simple and easy.

You can enjoy more than just watching!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Gujo Hachiman Bon dance
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