Kinkakuji, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion!

Kinkakuji, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion

Golden pavilion

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Kinkakuji, the Golden pavilion

We went to Kinkakuji Temple during the Gion Festival.

This temple’s architecture is famous for its gold color covered by gold leaves.


Golden pavilion behind

This is a Rinzai school temple built in 1398, and its official name is Rokuonji.( deer garden temple. Deer is the symbol animal of Buddhism which appeared Buddha myth.)

It is actually a branch of a larger temple Shokokuji in Kyoto.

The gold leaf on the surface of the temple is very beautiful .

It’s a good combination with the surrounding nature full of greenery and the reflection in the pond in front of the temple.

I love the Garden of Kinkakuji temple

In fact, the garden of Kinkakuji is also very beautiful.

There is a bell tower where you can ring the bell yourself before the temple.

Bell in the Golden pavilion

And there is a pagoda in the pond, a offertory box where you are lucky if you throw money into.

Offertory box
Offertory box

Then there is a old tea ceremony house where we can see alcove from outside( very tiny, because only focus on tea ceremony).

Tea house

And surrounding green mountains is refreshing and you don’t get bored.

There is also a store where you can buy souvenirs.

Matcha ice cream

There is also a Japanese-style café in front of the entrance where you can enjoy matcha ( green tea)ice cream!

Why don’t you visit Kinkakuji at least once in your life time?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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