KIYOMIZU temple what to do?-2’

‘KIYOMIZU temple what to do ?-2’
I visited KIYOMIZU temple in Kyoto.
KIYOMIZU temple was founded AD778 , it’s one of the 17 UNESCO world heritage sites in Kyoto.

JISHU shrine in Kiyomizu temple
JISHU shrine in KIYOMIZU temple

I introduce you fortune telling of love here .
If you walk through the main hall, turn left . There is a cute ‘JISHU shrine’ there . It’s a shrine of love accomplishment.

Love fortune telling shrine

It’s said founded more than 2000 years ago because the’ love stone ‘ here is the ruin of prehistorical age ‘JOMON’ period of Japan.

Love stone in JISHU shrine in Kiyomizu temple
Love stone

There are 2 love stones, if you walk one stone to another with blind, your love will accomplish happily!

Walk blind between 2 stones
Walk blind
Love stone

If not , your love takes long time.
Try your love fortune here if you have a lover !!

Try love fortune telling!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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