Hydrangeas now! Usu Zemkoji temple in Hokkaido!

Hydrangeas now! Usu Zenkoji Temple in Hokkaido!

Hydrangeas in Usu Zenkoji temple in Hokkaido

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Usu Zenkoji temple history

Usu Zenkoji temple in Hokkaido

I am now in Hokkaido.

It is a nice place to escape from the heat of Tokyo.

This is Usu Zenkoji Temple, a Tendai sect temple founded in 826 and reconstructed in its present form in 1613.

The building is over 200 years old with a thatched roof, and the entire precinct has been selected as an important national historic site.

In addition, 62 nationally designated important cultural properties are displayed and stored in the Treasure House.

There is an active volcano called Mt. Usu nearby, which has often erupted, the temple rebuilt several times.


Hydrangeas in Usu Zenkoji temple

To my surprise, the hydrangeas are still in full bloom which were in full bloom in June in Tokyo.

Many hydrangeas were blooming here and there in the spacious precinct.

The colors varied from white to blue to reddish purple.

The hot summer like Tokyo has not yet arrived here. 

The temperature is a comfortable 21 degrees Celsius.

If you come to Japan this period, Hokkaido is the nice choice to escape from the hot and humid weather!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Belle in Usu Zenkoji temple

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