Nippara limestone caves and swimming in the Tama river!

Nippara limestone caves and swimming in the Tama River!

Nippara cave in Okutama

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Nippara limestone cave

Nippara cave in Okutama
Kannon Buddha
Path to the hell

We went to Okutama, on the western edge of Tokyo.

It takes about two hours from the center of Tokyo.

There are deep mountain ranges and the beautiful Tama River flowing through the area.

Another 30 minute bus ride from Okutama Station brings us to the Nippara limestone caves.

This area consists of limestone, and the workings of the earth from hundreds of thousands of years have formed limestone caves.

This caves said to be the best in the Kanto region.

The average annual temperature in the caves is 11°C.

Even in summer it is freezing cold in a T-shirt.

The total length of the caves is 1,270 meters, with a height of 134 meters.

Inside, Buddhist-inspired names are given to various parts of the caves.

The names include “Kannon( Kannon Buddha),” “Hell,” “Sai-no-Kawara( criminal’s river bank),” “Sanzu-no-Kawa( death river),” and “Monks’ Study Room.

Tama river

Tama river

The Tama River that flows nearby is very beautiful, and a 5-minute walk from Okutama Station will take you to a gently flowing riverbed.

It’s a perfect to soak in the water.

It is very hot these days in Tokyo, with temperatures hovering around 35 ℃.

Why don’t you cool off in a limestone cave and play in the river?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Tama river suspension bridge

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