Feel the earth is round! At chikyu misaki ( cape earth)in Hokkaido!!

Feel the Earth is Round ! At the cape earth in Hokkaido

Cape earth in Hokkaido

Hi I’m Nobu, I like traveling overseas and in Japan, visited 25 countries! 

I’m a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter of English for 8 years.

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Cape Earth

Cape earth in Hokkaido

I went to Cape Earth in Muroran City in the southwestern part of Hokkaido.

It is famous for its 100-meter cliffs that stretch for 14 km.

Chikepu and Chikyu (the Earth)

It is said that Chikepu, a place name of the Ainu tribe, originally became Chikyu(Earth).

The earth is round

Cape earth in Hokkaido

When you stand on the observatory at Cape Earth, you can see the horizon of the Pacific Ocean stretching out in front of you more than 180 degrees.

It is said that you can actually feel that the earth is round.

Bell of Love

Happy Belle at cape earth

There were still many hydrangeas blooming on the slope where you come in by car.

There is a “love bell” at the observatory, which is popular among couples.

There are stores on the observatory where you can have a meal and buy souvenirs which is convenient for those who are short on time.

If you come to Hokkaido, why don’t you come and experience the fact that the earth is round?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Tokkarisho cliff

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