Is this a European patio? no in Yokohama Japan!

Is this a European patio? no in Yokohama Japan!

Hotel New Grand Yokohama patio

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Former Grand Hotel in Yokohama

Grand Hotel

I went to the Hotel New Grand in Yokohama.

There was a 360-room hotel for foreigners here called the Grand Hotel built in 1873.

The owner was a British guy.

But it was destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.

Destroyed Grand Hotel

The British owner received insurance money but gave up on rebuilding.

Hotel New Grand

New grand Hotel
New grand Hotel

Later, Yokohama’s political, business, and civic circles joined forces to rebuild.

Finally, in 1927, the building was rebuilt.

The name was changed to Hotel New Grand, with the addition of “New”.

It’s in reference to the former extravagant Grand Hotel.

The former Grand Hotel was extravagant and catered to the truly rich.

The new New Grand Hotel is designed for the enjoyment of the general public.

Celebrities from around the world have stayed at the hotel.

Charlie Chaplin of the movies, Babe Ruth of baseball, and Douglas MacArthur, who was responsible for Japan’s occupation policy after World War II.

Yamashita Park, one of the most famous parks in Yokohama, is just in front of the hotel and can be seen from the ocean side windows.

Yamashita park

Yamashita park

When I was there in May, I saw the Rose Festival in Yamashita Park.

Old building

The old building is open to everyone with its grand staircase and lobby.

Front stairs of new grand Hotel Yokohama

And you can sit and relax in the lobby.

Lobby of new grand Hotel
The lobby of new grand Hotel
The lobby of new grand Hotel

Yamashita Park is right in front of the hotel on foot.

If you are tired of the big city atmosphere of Tokyo, why not immerse yourself in the retro atmosphere of 100 years ago in Yokohama?

Fountain of new grand Hotel

To get there, it takes 40 minutes from Shibuya in Tokyo to Motomachi Chukagai Station.

It’s 1 minute walk from there.

You can go there by day trip from Tokyo easily!

Enjoy modern Tokyo and retro Yokohama same trip!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Patio of new grand Hotel

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