Kyoto Gion festival is coming back after 3 years!

Kyoto Gion Festival is coming back after 3 years!

Gion festival

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Kyoto Gion festival

Gion festival

The Kyoto Gion Festival was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to Covid-19.

This year, however, the Covid-19 has settled down and the festival will be held for the first time in three years!

The Kyoto Gion Festival is a festival of the Yasaka Shrine (Gion Shrine) in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto.



It has been a summer tradition in Kyoto since 869.

At the time, there were several epidemics and the eruption of Mt.Fuji in 864.

This ceremony was held to ward off the bad luck.

Because people were becoming increasingly anxious.

In 2019, the 1150th anniversary of the festival was held.


The Gion Festival is a month-long event that begins on July 1 and continues until the end of July.

This is the symbol of summer in Kyoto.

1.8 million people gather here during festival!

The highlight of the festival is the 33 Yamaboko(floats).

Yamaboko (floats)

Naginata float
Chigo ( little boy)
Scared boy

The day before the festival, the floats are set up along Shijo Dori and other streets and lit up.

These make the town even more magical.

Floats events are divided into two festivals.

These are Mae-matsuri (First half festival) and the Aoto-matsuri (Latter half festival ), separated depending on the time when the floats are set up.

The floats event is called Yoiyama (meaning “night before the festival”).

Also the most prominent events are Yoiyama (First half festival : July 14-16, Latter half festival : July 21-23) .

Floats processing

Naginata float

And Yamaboko Junko ( floats processing)(First half festival : July 17, Latter half festival : July 24).

Byobu matsuri

Folding screen
Folding screen
Folding screen

On July 14, 15, and 16, old houses and shops display traditional folding screens and other treasures in their houses.

These can be seen by those who pass ( like us) by on the street.

It is very enjoyable to see the inside of Kyoto people’s houses.

This is also known as the Byobu ( folding screen) Festival.

Also, during the Yamaboko Junko( floats processing) , 33 floats, designated as Important Tangible Folk Cultural Properties, decorated with various arts and crafts, travel along public roads.

The festival is often compared to a “moving museum” because of this.

The largest float, Naginataboko( long sword float) , is 25 meter high and weighs 11 tons.

The Gion Festival is one of the three major festivals in Japan (the others being the Tenjin Festival in Osaka, the Kanda Festival in Tokyo).

But I think Gion festival is number one in terms of luxury and the scale on which it covers up the entire city.

Why don’t you go to the Gion Festival and experience the essence of Japanese culture?

You w feel the mesmerizing atmosphere in Kyoto!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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