Things to do in Himeji station!

Things to do at Himeji Station!

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Himeji station

When you travel to Kyoto or Osaka, always consider visiting Himeji Castle.

The Shinkansen bullet train takes only 50-60 minutes from Kyoto or Osaka to Himeji so you can make a day trip there.

Himeji castle is the first UNESCO world heritage site of Japan.

Himeji city is where I’m from and I proud of this beautiful castle.

After enjoying Himeji castle, there are some things you should definitely see when you come to Himeji.

Huge portable shrine

First of all, at the back of the Shinkansen ticket gate, you will find the big portable shrine used for Himeji’s famous Autumn Festival.

You will be surprised to see that it is much larger than the portable shrines you can see at the Sanja Festival and Kanda Festival in Tokyo.

In Tokyo, there are no people on the portable shrine because it’s small and only about 20 to 30 people carrying it.

The portable shrine of the Himeji festival, get on two to four young boys who play the drums and 70 to 100 people carry it.

The decoration of the portable shrine is so gorgeous and ornate that it is incomparable to that of the portable shrines in Tokyo.

Shinkansen bullet train passing by at 300 km/h

Himeji Station is also famous for seeing the Shinkansen bullet train pass by at a speed of 300 km per hour.

When you arrive at Himeji Station, ask at the ticket gate if you can take a picture of the Shinkansen passing by.

It is also important to know which platform you want to take pictures from.

If there is a stayed train on your platform, you will not be able to take a picture.

Also, check whether the train is going up (toward Osaka) or down (toward Kyushu).

This will determine which direction to take pictures.

When the time comes, wait with your camera ready.

When you see the lights of the Shinkansen in the distance, set up your camera and start shooting if you have a video.

If you have a video camera, start taking pictures because it will only take about 10 seconds before the train passes.

The next one will come in a few minutes to a dozen or so.

Himeji Castle, the huge festival portable shrine and a 300 km/h bullet train, you can enjoy both the traditional and the cutting-edge at the same time!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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