A Taste of Old Okinawa on a Buffalo Cart in Taketomi island!!

A Taste of Old Okinawa on a Buffalo Cart in Taketomi island!!

Buffalo cart

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Taketomi island

Taketomi island

I took a ride on a buffalo cart in Taketomi Island.

To get to Taketomi Island, you need to take a ferry from Ishigaki Island.

1760 yen round trip.
The trip takes 15 minutes.

Buffalo cart

Buffalo cart

The buffalo cart goes around the villages of Taketomi Island at a speed slower than a human walk.

If you experience it you will feel you are back in time!

2 Buffalo cart companies

Buffalo cart

There are two buffalo cart companies.

Nitta Kanko
Tour around the village’s famous spots.

( it’s surrounded the operation due to luck of workers)

Taketomi Tourist Center
Tour around the village and flower road.

3000 yen , 30 minutes

Okinawa folk song, Azatoya yunta

Okinawa folk song

Both of them sing Okinawan folk songs along the way.

The song is called Azatoya Yunta and is about a beautiful woman who actually lived on Taketomi Island in the 18th century.

The song amusingly tells the story of a woman who refuses the courtship of a power-wielding official who is courting this beautiful woman.

It is the most famous Okinawan folk song.

Photo with buffalo

Buffalo cart

At the end of the tour, there will be a photo opportunity with a buffalo.

The white road and red brick roof houses are really nostalgic.

I recommend you experience once this relaxed attitude.

For animal welfare person

Animal welfare

But I don’t recommend the people who are extremely focused on animal welfare.

Because coachman hit the buffalo butt sometimes to proceed.

If you’re not, you can enjoy here fully!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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