MATSUO shrine, the hidden tourist spot in Kyoto-1

‘MATSUO SHRINE, the hidden tourist spot in Kyoto-1’
I visited MATSUO shrine in west part of Kyoto. It’s located at the bottom of the west hill of Kyoto.

The first TORII gate
Second TORII gate
MATSUO shrine

The real object of worship is high up the mountain 223m. The object called ‘IWAKURA’ and people offer prayer from the ancient time here .

Iwakura,sacred rock ,  the origin of Matsuo shrine
IWAKURA( literally means sacred rock )

AD 701 the local powerful family felt the presence of God and founded this shrine.
I like this shrine because it’s not popular like other famous shrines and temples, very calm and quiet.

Birds are singing

This God has been thought as the symbol and the guardian of SAKE ( Japanese fermented alcohol) from feudal age. Many breweries offer SAKE barrels and bottles here .

God’s of Sake, donations
SAKE bottles and barrels

The servant of this God is the turtle here.

God’s servant turtle
God’s servant

( not like lions and foxes like other shrine) So you can see several turtle statues in the hands wash and precinct.

Hands wash
SHINSEN( 神泉) God’s spring

When I visit this shrine , always feel the power of nature and can get the energy.
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I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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