The last colorful leaves, the first plum blossom

We visited ATAMI-BAIRIN( plum garden) to see the colorful leaves in December .

The last colorful leaves
Colorful leaves
Colorful leaves with stream

It’s said we can see colorful leaves until middle of December. This area is warmer than Tokyo because of hot current of Pacific Ocean hits here . Also it’s said ‘The first plum blossom place ‘ , the first blossom is from the end of November. There are 469 plum trees in this garden.

Full bloom of plum blossom
Plum festival full bloom

Yes , you can see autumn colorful leaves and spring plum blossom at the same time! The plum blossom festival has already started from 9th January until 11th March . The full bloom of plum blossom will be the end of January to middle of February.

Colorful leaves

There is a HATSUKAWA river flows in the center of the garden crossing many traditional bridges.


On the upper area there is a waterfall which we can walk through behind it , watching the garden from the back .

Walk through behind the waterfall

There are some rest areas with traditional buildings , you can enjoy Japanese green tea , foods at the patio and traditional cafe .

Japanese house , NAKAYAMA SHINPEI memorial house
Japanese house

It takes 40 minutes by SHINKANSEN ( bullet train ) from Tokyo.
If you’re interested in to soak in the traditional Japanese nature , check out here!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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