SUSHI in TSUKIJI fish market

‘SUSHI in TSUKIJI fish market’

Me and my family sometimes go to eat SUSHI in TSUKIJI fish market.

Sushi restaurant Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo

The auction area and the wholesale area have moved to the newly developed TOYOSU fish market on 2018, but the consumer restaurants and stores are still here in the ‘ outer market ( 場外市場). Me and my family really like the traditional and lively atmosphere of the outer market.

Tsukiji outer market
Outer market

There is a SUSHI restaurant where I have been visiting from my 30s, very reasonable price and delicious.


This SUSHI restaurant is a traditional style with long counter and chefs inside , some tables and small TATAMI( Japanese mat).

Inside the restaurant
Inside. TATAMI room is behind the wall

To tell the truth chef’s boss is not friendly, sometimes scolds young apprentice while making.They are still practicing ‘ apprenticeship system’ not nowadays ‘ manual’ system.

Boss scolds the apprentice
You need a training !!

Anyway , the price is reasonable , SUSHI materials are very fresh( of course it’s a fish market) , taste is very nice. You can order not only SUSHI, but NABE( hot pot dishes ) and other dishes too.

Menu of sushi restaurant
Menu 1
Menu of sushi restaurant
Menu 2

This is the English link.

The inquiry call should be only in Japanese, sorry.
50 people are available of 12 counter , 13 TATAMI mat , 12 tables, 13 outside table .
If you’re interested in the traditional old style SUSHI restaurant , check out here!!
You will enjoy and experience the true food culture.
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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