Why don’t you trek untouched tallest mountain in Hahajima island of Ogasawara?

Why don’t you trek untouched tallest mountain in Hahajima island of Ogasawara?

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Mt.Chibusa untouched tallest mountain in Hahajima

Mt.Chibusa ( Mt.boobs)
View from the summit

I went trekking on Hahajima Island in Ogasawara Islands.

I climbed Mt.Chibusa, the highest peak on Hahajima and in the Ogasawara Islands.

It’s called Mt.Chibusa ( Mt.boobs).

I guess it’s because it’s the highest peak on Hahajima( mother island) like boobs of mother.

Fun name, isn’t it?

The trailhead


The trailhead is about a five-minute walk from Oki village . ( I climbed west trail because east one doesn’t reach the summit by the land slide at the moment )

At the entrance, you have to follow the Ogasawara rule of removing mud from your shoes and brushing your body.

There are mud remover and brushes.

Remover box

It’s for avoid bringing in alien plants and animals.

Trail road

As soon as you enter the trailhead, you’ll see jagged green leaves lining both sides of the trail.

Jagged green leaves

After a short walk, there is a large banyan bush. The atmosphere is truly that of a subtropical forest.

First rest area

After walking for about 20 minutes, we came to a ridge path. Shortly after, there is the first rest stop.

First rest are

There are chairs and a nice breeze blowing through, and you can see the ridge in front of you.

I had lunch here on my way down.

Forest bathing

As I walked further, I found birds singing everywhere in the forest. It is a beautiful ancient forest and a wonderful place for forest bathing.

Untouched forest

Second rest area

After about 15 minutes of walking, you will come to the second rest area. This rest area has a distant view of the ocean, and the view from this rest area is probably better.

Second rest area

From there, you can see the southernmost point of Hahajima, Mt.Kofuji.

The view of the islands will blow away your fatigue. If you enjoy the scenery, you’re almost there.

There is a sign for Mt.Chibusa , so we follow it. The path is getting steeper and steeper.

The sign board

However, the steep parts don’t last very long. As you approach the summit, you will have to climb up a ladder.

Once you pass the ladder, you will reach the summit. It took about one hour from the trailhead.


The guidebook said it takes two hours, but it didn’t take that long. I am a bit of a fast walker, but I think even a beginner can climb the mountain in 90 minutes.

The summit, at 462.6 meters, is the highest peak in the Ogasawara Islands.

The summit offers a spectacular view!


There is an observation deck on the east side, and you can see Higashizaki below you, as well as Mukoujima and Hirajima on the west side.

There are trees at the top, so you can’t see all the way around, but if you take a few steps, you can see both sides.


This is the highest point of the islands in the vast Pacific Ocean.

It’s a view you can’t see anywhere else.

A memorial copy

A memorial copy of the summit can be made at the highest peak.

Memorial copy

I went to the Hahajima Tourist Information Center and picked up a piece of paper to make a copy beforehand.

If you make a copy of the 463 m mark at the summit and bring it to the tourist information center, you will receive a commemorative pouch for climbing Mt.Chibusa .

How about it?

Memorial pouch

A mountain in the Pacific Ocean that has the same appearance since ancient times.

Why don’t you trek untouched tallest mountain Mt.Chibusa in Hahajima island of Ogasawara?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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