Katana, art museum and riverside walk result!

Katana, art museum and riverside walk result!

Hirata sword smith

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Mitake valley

Mitake valley
Mitake valley

Today we visited a Japanese swordsmith’s workshop, a Japanese painting museum, and enjoyed a riverside walk.

The location was Mitake in the west most of Tokyo.
It’s where the clear streams and beautiful mountains .
The atmosphere is so refreshing that you would not believe you are in Tokyo.

A typhoon passed through yesterday, but today was cloudy and mild.

The temperature was 24 degrees Celsius, we felt the atmosphere of autumn for the first time this year.


Mitake valley

11:00Departure from Mitake Station
11:03Gyokudo Art Museum
11:20Departure from Gyokudo Art Museum
11:50Sawanoien, Kanzanji Temple
12:35Departure from sawanoien
13:00Hirata Sword Smith
14:00Depart Hirata Sword Smith
14:10Ikusabata Station

Gyokudo art museum

Gyokudo art museum

Gyokudo Museum of Art is a museum commemorating the famous Japanese-style painter, Gyokudo Kawai.

Although it is a small museum, it has a wonderful painting by Gyokudo Kawai when he was 15 years old and a quiet Japanese garden.

Gyokudo loved this area of Mitake so much that he often sketched there and moved here in his later years.

The Japanese garden has a borrowed view of the Mitake Valley where Gyokudo often painted.

The sound of the flowing river accompanies the garden and makes one feel like meditating in silence.

Sword smith

Hirata sword smith

At the Japanese swordsmith’s shop, we listened from Mr.Hirata smith with great interest to stories about the world history of iron and swords from around the world.

He told us that the Japanese way of forging iron is a method inherited from the ancient times.

It was like going back in time to 1000 years ago.

Wouldn’t you like to experience Japanese nature, Japanese traditional beauty, and Japanese traditional culture at the same time?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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