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The best activity in rainy season of Japan, enjoy Meigetsuin Blue!! - TOKYO travel TIPS

The best activity in rainy season of Japan, enjoy Meigetsuin Blue!!

The best activity in rainy season of Japan, enjoy Meigetsuin Blue!!

Meigetsuin temple hydrangea

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The best activity in rainy season of Japan, enjoy Meigetsuin Blue!!

Meigetsuin temple

Meigetsuin temple hydrangea

Meigetsuin Temple in Kamakura is a Zen temple of the Rinzai sect, founded in 1160.

It is famous for its 2,500 hydrangeas, and the blue color of its pale hydrangeas is named Myogetsuin Blue.

Katsura Bridge

If you enter the entrance, there is a wooden staircase and you walk through the hydrangea to enter the temple.

Meigetsuin temple hydrangea

It is very beautiful surrounded by tall trees.

Shannon gate

Meigetsuin temple hydrangea

If you go up you find the beautiful path both sides are all hydrangeas!

Jizo Bosatsu (Jizo Bodhisattva)
with Hydrangeas

Meigetsuin temple hydrangea

Jizo Bosatsu, which is decorated with hydrangea, is located on the temple grounds and is pretty and a good photo spot.

Zen garden

There is a zen garden in front of the main hall.

Zen garden

It’s small but you feel zen !!

Round window

Meigetsuin temple hydrangea

You can see through Iris garden from the round window of the hall!

Iris Garden

Meigetsuin temple hydrangea

The iris garden at the back of the temple grounds is a quiet field of irises.

The beautiful irises bloom can be seen from early June.


Meigetsuin temple hydrangea

In the iris garden, there is a small valley where water flows from the cliff, and you can enjoy the sound of the water in a very quiet environment.

Jizo Bosatsu

Meigetsuin temple hydrangea
Meigetsuin temple hydrangea and rabbit

Jizo Bosatsu is enshrined in the iris garden, and it collaborates with the rabbit that is the symbol of Myogetsuin temple.

It’s very cute!

Bamboo grove

Bamboo forest

There is a bamboo grove in the garden where you enjoy together with hydrangea.

In Japan during the rainy season, beautiful flowers are in full bloom.

Please enjoy them!!

Entrance fee: 500 yen( iris garden 300 yen)

time: 8:30-16:00( June. Normally 9:00-16:00)

place: https://maps.app.goo.gl/fSDoV2uwymc38cWf7?g_st=com.google.maps.preview.copy

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