See and Sea! Red Kochia and Torii gate on the Pacific Ocean!

Sea and Sea!Red Kochia and Torii Gate on the Pacific Ocean!!

Hitachi seaside park in Ibaragi prefecture
Hitachi seaside park  and Kochia

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Hitachi seaside park

Why not visit Hitachi Seaside Park with its beautiful kochia in autumn and Oarai Isosaki Shrine with its mysterious torii gate standing on the shore?

Hitachi Seaside Park is a huge national park locates at the coast of the Pacific Ocean of Ibaraki prefecture.

This park is famous for its huge area with countless numbers of seasonal flowers.

It is the most famous for its blue nemophila in spring and red kochia in autumn.

You will enjoy the view of the sky and flowers at the same time!

Oarai Isosaki shrine

There is a Oarai isosaki shrine nearby Hitachi Seaside Park.

It’s founded AD865.

The shrine has a torii gate that stands on the shore, washed by the waves of the Pacific Ocean. 

It’s said that this shore is the place where God descended.

It’s very wild and mysterious!

You will understand how Japanese feel about the nature.

I made the tour like below!

Time: October 17, 8:00-18:00
Place: 8:00am, Tokyo Station, Marunouchi North Exit M7, Shin-Marunouchi Building, 1st floor cafe “Stand T
Fee: 7,000 yen (cash, PayPay, LINE pay)

Included: Organizing fees and transportation-related expenses such as expressway. gas)
Not included: Lunch, entrance fee (450 yen)
Number of participants: 3

We go there by my car.

Time Schedule
8:00Depart from Tokyo Station
10:30Hitachi Seaside Park, view kochia, cosmos, and other flowers and blossoms
13:30Oarai Isomae Shrine
14:00Nakaminato Fishing Port, etc.
18:00Tokyo Station
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