One day trip, enjoy Mt.Fuji 2,305m, and red Kochia at Kawaguchiko lake !

One day trip, enjoy Mt.Fuji 2,305m, and red Kochia at Kawaguchiko lake!

Kochia and Mt.Fuji, Kawaguchiko lake

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Mt.Fuji and Kawaguchiko lake

We traveled to Mt.Fuji and Kawaguchiko lake to enjoy autumn footage.

1: Mt.Fuji 5th station

Mt.Fuji 5th station
Mt.Fuji 5th station
Mt.Fuji and us
Komitake shrine at 5th station of Mt.Fuji

We climbed up to the fifth station of Mt.Fuji.

There you will find Komitake Shrine, which was built in 937.

It is said to be the place where Japanese fairies called Tengu used to rule.

At the outside area, there is an observatory overlooking the town where we enjoyed the dynamic view.

2: Okuniwa park

Tengu iwa( rock) at Okinawa park
Tengu ( Japanese fairy)

There is Okuniwa Park nearby.

20-minute walk from the car park, there is a rock called Tengu Iwa ( rock) is enshrined.

It’s said this rock was placed by a tengu ( Japanese fairy)to come to this playground from Mt.Fuji summit.

It is said to be a rock of good luck to be blessed with a good companion.

All this area grows at the very edge of the forest limit, and the trees have grown short to withstand the strong winds of Mt.Fuji.

From the Okuniwa viewpoint, we could see the autumn scenery of the Aokigahara Sea of Trees and beautiful Lake Kawaguchi below.

3: Funatsu Cave

Funatsu shrine and cave
Funatsu cave
Funatsu cave

After that, we went to the Funatsu Cave, which was created by lava from Mt.Fuji.

The cave was originally a huge tree, was covered by lava and a hole was made in it, which was pushed to the side.

Inside the cave, there are narrow sections where you have to kneel down, which makes for an interesting experience.

4: Hoto lunch

Hoto noodle restaurant Momiji
Hoto noodle

We had hoto, a local specialty at the foot of Mt. Fuji region.

The noodles are like a wider and thicker version of udon, with a chewier texture than udon.

The soup is characterized by a miso flavor, and we chose the one with beef.

It was very tasty!!

5: Kochia

Kochia and Mt.Fuji

Finally, we went to Oishi Park on the shore of Lake Kawaguchi.

It is where the kochia leaves were in full autumn color.

The combination of Mt. Fuji, kochia, and Lake Kawaguchi was beautiful.

Mt.Fuji was perfectly visible from the top to the foot of the mountain. 

We were lucky.

How about enjoying the view of Mt.Fuji by your own eyes?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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