Nikko one day autumn leaves and dynamic waterfall! 

Nikko one day autumn leaves and dynamic waterfall!

Yudaki waterfall in Nikko

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Nikko National park

Mt.Shirane in Nikko

Nikko National park is located in Tochigi prefecture.

There are several volcanoes, lakes and waterfalls , nice view area.

I went to see the autumn leaves for the first time this year at Nikko’s Yudaki waterfall.

Side walk oh Yudaki waterfall in Nikko


Located at the foot of Nikko Shiranesan, one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan, the waterfall cascades down the slope from the southern shore of Lake Yunoko.

The Yunoko area also has hot water springing up from here and there.

And the smell of sulfur is in the air, but it is water, not hot water, that flows down the falls.


Yudaki waterfall in Nikko

The water that flows down Yudaki Falls becomes the Yugawa River, which flows through Senjogahara, one of the highest marshlands in Japan.
Then it flows down Ryuzu Falls to Lake Chuzenji.

The size of the waterfall is 50 m high and 25 m wide.

A path leads from the head of the waterfall (the lake )to the bottom of the waterfall, and visitors can stroll alongside the waterfall to the basin.

The waterfall up close has an abundance of water and the sound of it cascading down is very powerful.

The waterfall basin is well maintained and there is a restaurant where you can take a rest.

Why don’t you refresh yourself at Yudaki?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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