SUMIDAGAWA river terrace

‘SUMIDAGAWA river terrace’
SUMIDA river is the river which flows north east part of Tokyo to Tokyo bay 23.5 km .

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SUMIDAGAWA river terrace

This river was depicted by the many artists of UKIYOE, Japanese woodblock painters from feudal age.

Ukiyoe of SUMIDAGAWA river in feudal age

I came across the SUMIDAGAWA river terrace near MONZEN-NAKACHO station. This is the beautiful well maintained riverside park with the nice view of the CHUO bridge.

Bird and bridge
Cherry blossom and SIMIDAGA river
Cherry blossom and SUMIDAGAWA river
Night view of SUMIDAGAWA river
Night view

This terrace is originally just the tall concrete river bank to prevent the flood.
But 1980s , it’s renovated as the people’s park which also has the bank functions.
The terrace is both sides of the SUMIDAGAWA river total 47km .
We can enjoy the open scenery and breeze of the river.

Nice view

If you come to near the river in Tokyo, check the riverside park!
You will find the another Tokyo for sure !!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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A bird and Chuo bridge
A bird and CHUO bridge
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