UNDERSTAND TEMPLE to prevent the floods

‘UNDERGROUND TEMPLE to prevent the floods ’
I visited the UNDERGROUND temple( drainage channel)in KASUKABE city 1 hour train from Tokyo.

It’s the underground facility to prevent the overflow of the several rivers and protect Tokyo area from the flood.

The operation started 2002.
If it rains a lot , this facility works.
It works 7-9 times a year, the latest work was 2nd July of rainy season heavy rain day.
The depth is 177m , width is 78m and height is 18m.

It’s getting popular for TV and movie productions to take mysterious pictures.

It’s 116 steps below from the entrance gate.
It costs 1000yen( 10 dollars) for 1 hour tour.
There are several longer tours too.
You can reserve it from the web below.

If you want to take a great photo , check out here!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Underground temple to prevent the floods of Tokyo area
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