Autumn footage in Tokyo, at Nihon Minkaen Japanese folklore buildings museum

Autumn footage in Tokyo, at Nihon Minkaen Japanese folklore buildings museum

I’m Nobu, I like traveling overseas and in Japan, visited 25 countries. I’ve got the license of the certificate English guide in Japan for 8 years.

I show you hidden Japan which you have never seen and heard of.

Water mill in Nihon minkaen
Water mill in Nihon Minkaen

Nihon Minkaen, Japanese folklore buildings museum

The Nihon Minka-en was opened in 1967 to preserve historical buildings.

Thatched roof building in Nihon minkaen
Thatched roof building
Thatched roof building

It is located in Kawasaki City, next to Tokyo.

It’s only 30 minutes from my home.

Thatched roof building in nihon minkaen
Thatched roof building
Thatched roof building

There are 25 buildings preserved here now.

Eight of them are national important cultural properties.

Water mill in nihon minkaen
Water mill
Water mill
Water mill mechanism

Some of the buildings are from Shirakawa-go, a famous UNESCO world heritage site in Gifu prefecture the canter of Japan.

Ikuta Ryokuchi( Ikuta green park)

Nihon Minkaen is a part of the huge Ikuta Ryokuchi ( Ikuta green park).

In Ikuta Ryokuchi , there are also many other things to enjoy.

An art museum of Taro Okamoto , manga museum of Fujiko F Fujio , a science museum, observatory, rose garden, lilies garden and a playground with steam locomotives and carriage .

Steam locomotive in nihon minkaen
Steam locomotive

It’s a nice place to spend half day with friends and family.

The whole area is huge hill and surrounded by the green forest.


And on top of the hill there is a observatory building where we can see the view of Tokyo and nearby area.

If the weather is clear you can see the whole view of Tokyo.

You will see Tokyo Skytree from here too!

Tokyo Skytree from nihon minkaen
Tokyo Skytree

This place is not popular for foreign tourists.

But if you are tired of hustle and bustle sightseeing in Tokyo, why don’t you go there for a while?

The entrance fee for Nihon Minkaen is 500 yen ( 5 dollars).

Autumn leaves in nihon minkaen
Autumn leaves

But whole hill area is free.

You only need the entrance fee for museums.

I’m sure it will be a great opportunity to experience nature in the suburbs of Tokyo.

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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