Cape Kamui , a cape of no woman allowed

Cape Kamui, a cape of no woman allowed

Cape Kamui in Hokkaido

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Cape Kamui( cape God)

Cape Kamui in Hokkaido

I went to Cape Kamui.

This cape is located at the tip of the Shakotan Peninsula, which juts out into the Sea of Japan in Hokkaido.

The promenade leading to the lighthouse at the cape is clinging to a sheer precipice with undulations.

The view from there, combined with the magnificent scenery of the Japan Sea with its rough waves and reefs, makes for a very impressive sight.

Shakotan blue

The right side of the beach when you walk toward the cape, is also a sight to behold with the beautiful color of the water, called Shakotan blue.

You can buy Shakotan blue soft- served ice cream at the shop too.

Shakotan blue
Shakotan blue ice cream

At the entrance, there is a sign stating that ‘women were once forbidden to enter the area’.

In the old days, people used to walk along the thin ridge and the shoreline with almost no footholds.

And it seems that women should stay away from the area because it was dangerous.

Fortunately, there is no restriction today, many women visit the site!

It takes about 20 minutes from the no woman allowed entrance to the tip of Cape Kamui.

Kamui rocks

You must see the Kamui Iwa, which appears suddenly in the sea.

You will understand why people in ancient times named it “God’s Rock” with awe and reverence.

Kamui rocks

Why don’t you come to Cape Kamui to enjoy the view and dynamic atmosphere!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Kamui rocks

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