How is like the typical Onsen in hotels 

How is like the typical Onsen in hotels

Open air bath in Nonokaze resort hotel

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Nonokaze resort hotel

Nonokaze resort hotel in Lake Toya in Hokkaido

Nonokaze Resort Hotel where I stayed on the shores of Lake Toya in Hokkaido had a nice hot spring.

The Onsen(hot spring) in hotels are almost all the same.

1: Kakeyu (36°C)


As soon as you first enter the bath, there is always a place for kakeyu(cleans our body ).

This is to wash off the sweat and cleanse your body in advance.

2: Normal bathtub (39-41°C)


There is a regular bathtub.
You can sit and relax in the bathtub.

3: Electric massage bath or jacuzzi (38-40°C)


There is a bathtub has boards that generate electric vibrations on both sides of the bathtub.

When you put your body between the electric vibrations, your body is stimulated by the electric massage and your body vibrates and pulls.

It feels very nice, although some people may be afraid of electricity.

4:Sauna bath (90-100°C)


Finnish-style high-temperature dry saunas are always found in Japanese Onsen.

It makes you sweat a lot.

5: Cold water bath (16-19°C)


After sweating in the sauna, take a cold water bath.

You should not enter the water bath with your sweaty body from the sauna.

First, please rinse off the sweat from your sweaty body in the sauna outside of the bathtub before taking a bath.

6:Open-air baths (38-40°C)

Open air bath
Open air bath

Basically it’s an outdoor bath.
It is very pleasant to cool down your hot body in the bath when you are exposed to the open air.

The open-air bath at this Nonokaze Resort Hotel is located on the rooftop overlooking Lake Toya.

And if the weather is nice, you can see a beautiful view of the other side of Lake Toya, Mt.Yotei.

Also, the edge of the open-air bath appears to extend to the surface of Lake Toya.

This is called the infinity style and is very popular.

Why don’t you take a bath in the hotel’s hot spring?

Enjoy the healthful hot spring water, the beautiful lake surface of Lake Toya, and the view of Mount Yotei!

You will enjoy the full of Japanese essences!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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