Why don’t you try one day activity in Chichijima Island of Ogasawara?

Why don’t you try one day activity in Chichijima Island of Ogasawara?

Tour boat

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Chichijima, Ogasawara Islands

I’m on Chichijima Island in the Ogasawara Islands.

Ogasawara islands are an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo.

But it’s also in the Tokyo metropolitan prefecture.

It is Ogasawara Village in Tokyo.

There are about 2,100 people living on Chichijima island.

Before I came to Chichijima, I visited Hahajima, where the population was only about 460.

I could enjoy the atmosphere of an old uninhabited island.

However Chichijima is a bit more modern.

There are many activities and guided tours available.

Diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, trekking, wakeboarding, dolphin swimming, whale watching, yachting, charter boats, war site tours, yoga, star watching, and more.

Many of the visitors and guides are young.

So the atmosphere is not outdated, as is often the case on desolate islands.

I did two activities.

One was a sunrise kayak tour.

The other was a full-day sea tour.

The full-day sea tour includes snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, whale watching, landing on the South Island, visiting Heart Rock, and visiting Ginnie Beach.

Today I would like to introduce you to the full day tour.

I signed up for a full-day tour with a tour company called Ocean Magic.

The tour is from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and costs 14,000 yen.

I also rented a wetsuit, which cost an extra 1,000 yen.

Wet suite

The Ogasawara tour picks you up at the hotel you are staying at.

My pickup time was 8:30.

It took about five minutes by car to get to the port.

Here, I met the other tour participants.

Out group

I borrowed a wetsuit, put it on, and we were off.

The weather was beautiful and the sea was a beautiful bonin blue.( clear light blue)

After a while, we received a call from another tour boat that they had spotted a school of dolphins.

We headed there immediately, the surface of the sea was rippling.

And if you looked closely, you could see many dolphin dorsal fins.

While I was taking video, I saw some dolphins jumping.

Dolphin jump

We put on our snorkels and went into the sea to chase the dolphins for a while.

Next, we landed on South Island.

South Island is a rare ecosystem island, and only 100 people are allowed ashore each day.

However, after November 4, landing by boat is prohibited.

The only way to land is to swim 50 meters from the boat in the open ocean and swim under a rock gate.

The boat stopped at the open sea of the South Island.

The sea was a beautiful bonin blue.

And we can see the tropical fish on the bottom from the boat clearly.

Got off the boat, we swam through a rock gate.

This area is also a marine park, and there are countless beautiful fish swimming around.

I never get tired of looking at them.

It was as if we were swimming in an aquarium.

Tropical fish

We arrived at Ougi(fun)Beach on South Island.

There, we could see the open ocean outside from the rocky hole we had just dived through.

The beach is a beautiful fan shape and pure white.

The beach is surrounded by small hills in a conical shape.

There was a sense of isolation, as if we were on a different planet.

Rock hole

I felt like I wanted to take pictures forever.

The only people ashore at that time were the eight of us and one other tour.

We went back to the ship through the rock hole.

After South Island, we took our lunch on the boat.

These were which each of us had brought with us. Me and other members ate cup noodles because the boat has hot water supplier .

Next, we moved the boat to look for whales for whale watching.

On the way there, another boat announced us that there were manta rays.


We went to see them and found a 3m long manta ray swimming near the surface.

We immediately went into the water and swam with the manta ray, chasing it.

It was like something out of a marine movie.

The manta did not run away and played with us for almost 15 minutes.

After that, we went to see the famous giant heart-shaped rock, 200 meters high and wide.

Heart rock

From a distance, it looked small, but when you got closer, it was a giant heart.

We couldn’t see the whale, but I could see squirting on my way to Hahajima anyway.

We also saw a group of dolphins elsewhere.

And also encountered an another manta ray, which we sailed with.

We could see the Ginny beach on the way which is the white sand beach only accessible from the ocean.

Ginny beach

We returned to the harbor at 16:00, and the tour was over.

There are so many things you can experience in the beautiful Bonin Blue Sea .

Bonin blue

I don’t think you can see them and experience them anywhere else.

I think you will experience one of the most beautiful water activities here in Chichijima island of Ogasawara!

Would you like to join us?

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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