Let’s dive into the Bonin blue (bright blue ocean )of Chichijima island of Ogasawara!

Let’s dive into the Bonin blue (bright blue ocean )of Chichijima island of Ogasawara!

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Bonin blue in Chichijima island of Ogasawara
Bonin blue in Chichijima island

Chichijima, Ogasawara Islands

I’m on Chichijima Island in the Ogasawara Islands.

Ogasawara islands are an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean, 1,000 kilometers south of Tokyo,

But these are still in the Tokyo metropolitan prefecture.

It is Ogasawara Village in Tokyo.

Banyan tree in front of the port in Chichijima island of Ogasawara
Banyan tree

There are about 2,100 people living on Chichijima , the second biggest island of Ogasawara islands. ( the biggest is Io island, but no people live there)

Before I came to Chichijima, I visited Hahajima, where the population was only about 460, and I could enjoy the atmosphere of an old uninhabited island.

Atmosphere of Chichijima island

Chichijima, however, is a bit more modern.
There is a main road in front of the port and lines of buildings on both sides of the road.

These are restaurants, hotels, stores , tour companies , handmade shops and World heritage memorial museum.

People are enjoy chatting in the outside terrace often.

Main Street in Chichijima island of Ogasawara
Main Street in front of the port
Main Street in Chichijima island of Ogasawara
Main Street

There are many activities and guided tours available in Chichijima island.

Activities in Chichijima island

Diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, trekking, wind surfing, wakeboarding, dolphin swimming, whale watching, yachting, charter boats, war site tours, yoga, star watching, and more.

Many of the visitors and guides people are young.

The atmosphere is not outdated, as is often the case on desolate islands.

War remains

In Chichijima Japanese army built gun batteries and other military facilities from 1920’s.

Cannon remains
Cannon remain

It was further reinforced and became a fortress on Chichijima at the time of WW2.

An airfield for the Imperial Japanese Navy was also built in the Suzaki area near Mt.Iimori.

Even today, there are the remains of Japanese military facilities, trenches, gun batteries, and anti-aircraft guns.

You may can see them in many places.

Hole trench
Hole trench

When you do various activities, you can find the remains of old arm facilities.

They are mostly placed in the forest and sea cliffs quietly.

I think if you see them you will feel nostalgic feeling.


Water activity
Water activity

Because the atmosphere changed dramatically peaceful here right now.

You will enjoy many water activities and walking here.

But also you will realize the importance of peace.

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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