Would you like to see a 2000-year-old cherry tree in Japan? 

Would you like to see a 2000-year-old cherry tree in Japan? 

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Jindai cherry tree over 2000 years old

2000 years old cherry tree

I went to see the Jindai cherry trees which is in the Jissoji temple in Yamanashi Prefecture, next to Tokyo.

Jissoji temple

This is a large cherry tree said to be over 2,000 years old.

Jindai literally means ” mythological God era”.

The type of cherry tree is Edohigan-zakura.



The cherry tree is said to have been planted by Yamatotakeru, the hero of Japanese mythology.

And in the 13th century, Nichiren, the founder of the famous Nichiren sect of Buddhism in Japan, prayed for the tree to regain its vigor.

Nichiren monk

In 1922, it was designated as Japan’s first natural monument.

It was 13.6m tall and the trunk was 13.5m round.

It is said one of the three largest giant cherry trees in Japan.

The other two are the Miharu Takizakura in Fukushima Prefecture and the Usuzumizakura in Gifu Prefecture.

Since 1922

Jindai cherry tree 1922
Jindai cherry tree 1922

In 1922, it was designated as a natural monument, and stone enclosures were built and maintained to make it easier to visit.

However, in 1930, it was confirmed that the tree was weakening.

In 1959, a typhoon snapped off a large branch, and it was pointed out that the tree was declining.

This kind of trouble would have happened many times during the 2000 years.

In 2002, a full-scale survey of the tree was conducted.

Then it was found that the stone enclosure set up to make it easier to visit the site causes the reduction of root vigor.

Also the cleaning of the surrounding area had reduced the amount of humus and other fertilizer components.

These things were not good for this tree.

Natural way to keep this tree

Jissoji temple

So the local people are doing natural ways to keep this tree forever.

Anyway it is a tree that will live for 2,000 years, and we hope it will live forever.

It takes 2 hours drive by car.

Jissoji temple area is surrounded by beautiful cherry trees and lilies.

Japan Alps
Japan Alps

You can walk around this area by enjoying the beautiful view of Japan Alps mountains.

Would you like to see a 2000-year-old cherry tree in Japan?

Jindai cherry tree

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