‘YAKUSHIIKE PARK in west Tokyo’
I visited YAKUSHI IKE PARK in MACHIDA city the west part of Tokyo.

This is a huge nature park with big ponds .
I came across the beautiful wisteria trees of white one and purple one .

There are YAKUSHIDO temple, traditional buildings, many seasonal flowers like peony , azalea , lotus, plum , water mill and cafes .

Also there are Dalia flower park and Squirrel park just outside here .

Dalia garden in Machida city west part of Tokyo
Dalia garden
Squirrel park in Machida city
Squirrel park

The YAKUSHIIKE pond was built 1590, then changed as a city park in 1976.

YAKUSHIIKE park in Machida city west part of Tokyo

It’s a nice change of pace from busy Tokyo .
Adults like calm and quiet flower park, children will like squirrels park.
If you have time to experience the local nature of Tokyo, check out here!

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>Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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