SAWANOI-EN open cafe

‘SAWANOI-EN open cafe’
I visited SAWANOI-EN garden cafe next to TAMA river west part of Tokyo.

The cafe is located the open river side , very refreshing.
We can hear the sound of stream and birds singing.

There are open food court and SAKE tasting floor in the building because this cafe is run by OZAWA SAKE brewery one of the popular SAKE breweries this area .

Sake tasting
SAKE tasting

There is a suspension bridge here and we can cross it.

There is a small temple opposite side which has a great view of TAMA river.

You can also go down the river side of TAMA river below and touch the fresh water.

It takes 1 hour 37 minutes from Tokyo to SAWAI station, then 5 minutes walk.
If you want to feel the nature of Tokyo and experience the calm and quiet atmosphere, check out here!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Sawanoi-en is the beautiful open air cafe on the Tama river side
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