1.6 million yen Momiji bonsai at Ueno green club

1.6 million yen Momiji bonsai at Ueno green club

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Momiji bonsai 1,600,000 yen (16 thousand dollars)

Momiji bonsai
Momiji bonsai

I came across the 1.6 million yen Momiji ( Japanese maple) bonsai at Ueno green club bonsai sales exhibition.

The bare fine branches are really beautiful!!

I can’t imagine who buys it though.

Momiji bonsai

Colorful autumn leaves
Colorful leaves

The leaves change from buds in spring, green leaves in summer, and red leaves in autumn.

Also its delicate and elegant cold leaves are nice.

It is popular as a representative species of miscellaneous tree bonsai.

The leaves have many lobes and are usually divided into 7-9 sections.


Place in a sunny and well ventilated area.

For autumn foliage, place in semi-shade in summer to avoid leaf scorch.

And in winter under eaves or in a no wind and frost free location to protect the branches.


It likes moisture, so give it plenty when it dries out.

Be sure to check the potting soil, as the leaves are spreading and rain may not soak into the potting soil enough.

If you run out of water in summer, you will not get beautiful red leaves.


Apply a solid organic fertilizer once a month from April to July and from September until the leaves change color.

Remove the fertilizer when the leaves begin to change color.

Pest and diseases

Aphids are common in new shoots, so destroy them as soon as you find them.

Prevent powdery mildew in early autumn.

A spray type sold at garden stores is recommended.

Bud picking

When the buds on branches that you do not want to extend grow larger, open the shoots with tweezers.

And pluck out the shoots in the middle.


Cut off one side of a pair of leaves, or cut them in half to improve air circulation.

If you cut off all the unevenly sized leaves, the second buds will have the same size leaves.

Then you can enjoy the beautiful autumn colors.


Pruning should be done after the leaves have fallen.

And pruning the overgrown branches will increase the number of fine branches.


The branches are stiff, so be careful when bending them.

You can do it by yourself next chance!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Ueno green club
Ueno green club

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