What should we need to do for bonsai to see beautiful autumn leaves?-Bonsai art Tokyo-

Ginkgo bonsai

autumn is getting closer

Colorful autumn leaves

It is now October in Japan, and although there are still some hot days, there are more and more cool autumn-like days.

I am looking forward to seeing the autumn leaves on the bonsai trees.

Ginkgo tree

Ginkgo leaves

This is a ginkgo tree. Gingko is a deciduous tree. It buds in early spring and is dark green until summer, and yellow leaves can be enjoyed from autumn to winter.

The fan-shaped leaves with deep lobes are on the male trees. The leaves of the female trees that bear fruits (gingko) do not have lobes.

Male ginkgo
Female ginkgo

How to grow ginkgo tree

It is a very hardy tree and easy to grow even for beginners. Place the tree in a sunny and well-ventilated place.

Shade the tree in summer, and keep it outdoors in autumn until early winter with a temperature difference for beautiful yellow leaves.

In winter, it is best to place it where it will not freeze. Provide plenty of water when the topsoil is dry.

Be careful in midsummer, as it is difficult to recover from water loss. In the rest of the year, once every two to three days is a good rule of thumb.

Taking care of ginkgo bonsai

Pruning: When new shoots appear, prune them off leaving 2-3 buds. Cut off unwanted branches and hymenoptera as soon as possible.

Fertilizer: Not much is needed, but for beautiful yellow foliage, apply fertilizer with high phosphorus and potassium content from April to October, except in mid-summer.

In a little while, you will be able to see the beautiful yellow leaves.

Replanting: Cut off the straight roots and trim the thin roots as much as possible.

Wire: Prune with scissors is the most common way to shape the tree, as the branches grow thick and hard.

Ginkgo bonsai

Now you can enjoy the changing seasons of bonsai!!

Ginkgo leaves heart

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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