10 Instagrammable photo spots in Sensoji temple in Asakusa.

10 Instagrammable photo spots in Sensoji temple in Asakusa.

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Sensoji Temple

I went to Sensoji Temple in Asakusa.

In Tokyo, there were 38 cases of corona infection on December 21.

The infected number has dropped below 50 consecutive 66days.

Nowadays omicron variant is starting to be found.

However, the situation has calmed down so far and economic activities in Japan are starting to return to normal.

Izakaya (Japanese style pubs) and restaurants have returned to normal business hours.

The difference is that there is disinfectant at the entrance of the restaurants, everyone wears masks, and there are partitions on the tables.

Sensoji Temple was deserted when there were a lot of people infected with corona.

But now it’s almost back to normal.

Women are wearing rented kimonos and enjoying strolling around.

They are also taking pictures of each other. 

Today let me introduce some of the Instagrammable photo spots here.

First of all,

1: Kaminarimon (Thunder Gate)

Kaminarimon ( thunder gate)
Kaminarimon ( thunder gate)

The symbol of Sensoji Temple.

It has become a symbol of Tokyo travel too.

A lot of people are taking pictures here.

You can hear the rickshaw drivers calling out to their customers as usual.

2: Dragon sculpture

Dragon sculpture
Dragon sculpture

Most people don’t see it, but there is a dragon carving on the bottom of a large Kaminarimon lantern.

It’s a nice hand crafted one.

You have to crouch to take photo.

3: Nakamise shopping street

Nakamise shopping street
Nakamise shopping street
Nakamise shopping street

After passing through the Kaminarimon, you will come to the Nakamise shopping street.

It is said to be the oldest shopping street in Japan.

I really enjoyed walking along the street, looking at the souvenir shops and food shops on both sides.

4: Hozomon Gate

Hozomon gate
Hozomon gate

It brought back some of the fun we had lost by Covid-19.

After walking about 250 m, you will come to the Hozomon Gate.

The area in front of Kaminarimon is very narrow, but the area in front of Hozomon is very spacey.

So there are many people taking group photos.

5:Five-story pagoda

Five-story pagoda
Five-story pagoda

As soon as you pass through the Hozomon gate, look to your left.

There is a five-story pagoda, the tallest in Tokyo, 53.3 m.

6: Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Skytree
Tokyo Skytree

Just on the other side of the five-story pagoda, you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree.

Although it is far away, it is quite visible because it is 634 m tall, the highest independent tower in the world.

Along with the five-story pagoda, you can enjoy both the old and new pagodas at once.

7: Joukouro( incense burner)

Jokoro( incense burner)

After walking straight for about 50 meters, you will come to Jyokoro, where many incense sticks are lit.

Everyone puts the smoke from the incense sticks on the bad parts of their body and prays for their health to improve.

Many students put the smoke on their heads.

8: Omikuji ( fortune)

Omikuji( fortune)
Omikuji( fortune)

There is a box of omikuji (fortune) sticks on the right side of the Jokoro.

You draw a stick from the stick box , and you take out a piece of paper from the drawer with the same number written on the stick.

There are 4 types of omikuji.

Daikichi( big luck) Chukichi( middle luck( Shokichi( small luck) and Kyou( bad luck).

It contains advice on various topics such as life, love, schoolwork, travel, and money.

Even if it is bad, you can get advices.

I think it is a meaningful experience.

Some people tie their fortunes to the branches of trees in the temple grounds.

You are welcome to take it home with you.

9: The main hall

Main hall of Sensoji temple in Asakusa
Main hall
Jokoro( incanse burner) and main hall

Finally, the main hall. The statue of Kannon, discovered in AD 628, is enshrined inside.

It is always full of people praying.

Sometimes you can misa is going inside.

However, it is forbidden to take pictures inside.

10: Ceiling painting

The ceiling of the main hall is covered with beautiful ceiling paintings.

You look up and don’t forget to take a picture of them.

What do you think?

There are many more places to take photos in this temple.

Once you’ve got the above Instagrammable photo spots down, try to find more on your own .

I’m sure you’ll be able to take many photos of your own.

These will be a nice memory for you!!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Kaminarimon ( thunder gate)
Kaminarimon ( thunder gate)

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