10 yen( 10 cents ) curry at MATSUMOTORO restaurant in HIBIYA park

‘10 yen( 10 cents) curry at MATSUMOTORO restaurant in HIBIYA park’

Japanese Curry

MATSUMOTORO is the’ YOSHOKU’ restaurant in HIBIYA park.
It started in 1903 the same year when HIBIYA park opened.

MATSUMOTORO restaurant

‘YOSHOKU ‘literally means’ western foods ‘, which formed 19 century after Japan reopened its nation overseas. The restaurants served western foods for western visitors these days.

The Japanese chefs who worked at these restaurants arranged the menu which suitable for Japanese people, we called them ‘YOSHOKU’.
These are ‘ pork cutlet’’ fried oyster ‘’ curry’ etc…

Pork cutlet
Pork cutlet
Fried oysters
Fried oysters

MATSUMOTORO offers 10 yen ( 10 cents) curry on 25th September for 1500 people every year. (2020 was canceled due to COVID-19)


It’s the event that shows the gratitude of the restaurant for people who supported the restaurant when the restaurant was in serious damage by the fire arson.
It starts at 11:00 but many people wait in line from the early hours.
If you’re interested in the ‘Japanese curry ‘, check it out!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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