What is Yakisoba( grilled noodle)? 

What is Yakisoba( grilled noodle)?

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Yakisoba( grilled noodle)

Yakisoba ( grilled noodle) in Fujinomiya city

Yakisoba,( grilled noodle)which has been eaten since the 1930s, is noodles fried with meat (such as pork) and vegetables (such as cabbage, carrots, onions, and bean sprouts).


Sauce yakisoba,” which is seasoned with Worcestershire sauce, is the most popular type of yakisoba.

And recently there are also salt yakisoba and other variants.

In Japan, yakisoba is commonly served at home or on restaurant menus.

Furthermore, because it can be cooked outdoors on a single griddle and the cooking procedure is simple, yakisoba is sold at various places, including stalls at fairs.

Also booths at school festivals and other events, and snack corners.

They are often used as local delicacies to promote the local community and culture.

Fujinomiya yakisoba

One of the most famous is Fujinomiya yakisoba from Fujinomiya City, located at the foot of Mt.Fuji.

Fujinomiya yakisoba

Pre-cooked yakisoba, which can be eaten at room temperature or reheated in a microwave oven, is widely sold in the prepared food and bento (boxed meal) sections of supermarkets and convenience stores.

Nissin instant yakisoba

In 1963, Nissin Foods co. launched the instant bagged noodle “Nissin Yakisoba,” which became a hit product and spread.

Nissin instant yakisoba

Nissin Foods is said to be the “world’s first instant yakisoba.

I enjoyed Fujinomiya yakisoba which is one of the most popular Yakisoba, it’s very delicious!!

Why don’t you try Yakisoba?

This is another popular Japanese dish!

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Yakisoba yammy

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