Typical Japanese travel style, enjoying seasonal cuisine and Onsen (hot springs)!!

Typical Japanese travel style, enjoying seasonal cuisine and Onsen (hot springs)!!

Notoya onsen ryokan in Ishikawa prefecture

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One typical travel style among Japanese is experiencing seasonal cuisine, watching seasonal scenery and enjoying onsen(hot springs )together at the local part of Japan!!

Grilled crab
Boiled crab

Enjoying local dishes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients while relaxing in local onsen(hot springs )allows for a harmonious connection with nature.

This enables travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture through both the culinary delights and the soothing experience of the region’s onsen( hot springs).

Travel Sea of Japan side

Toyama traditional drugstore
Notoya onsen ryokan

On 11th December, we visited Toyama prefecture and Ishikawa prefecture the Sea of Japan side.

Both are very popular for its seafoods and various onsens!

White shrimp Tempura in Toyama

Toyama white shrimp tempura

We enjoyed white shrimp tempura at Toyama prefecture.

It’s very crispy and tasty!!

Ishikawa prefecture, crab season!!

Steamed crab

Then we went Ishikawa prefecture to eat seasonal crab and enjoy onsen.

We stayed Notoya ryokan, one of the most popular crab dish ryokan in this region.

The full corse all crab dishes are very delicious!!

Raw crab, grilled crab, steamed crab, marinated crab….

You can’t imagine more!

The breakfast is also beautiful and delicious!!




Onsen is a clear color and slightly sulfur smell, good for skincare , muscle ache..

I enjoyed onsen 3 times, before dinner, after dinner and next morning!!

Private room onsen

Private room onsen

There is a private onsen in our room too.

We soak in early in the morning like morning shower!!

How was it?

Why don’t you try this travel style in Japan?

It’s very relaxing and refreshing!!!

I’m Nobu , one heart enjoy together!!

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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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