Typical travel style in Japan!Enjoy local foods and sweets!!This time in Kanazawa Ishikawa prefecture!!!

Typical travel style in Japan!
Enjoy local foods and sweets!!
This time in Kanazawa Ishikawa prefecture!!!

Higashi chaya street , Kanazawa

Hi I’m Nobu, I like traveling overseas and in Japan, visited 26 countries!

I’m a National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter of English for 10 years.

For the people who are interested in and planning trip to Japan ,
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Kanazawa City

Ishikawa castle
Kenrokuen garden

Kanazawa City is the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture, located in the Hokuriku region of Japan, and faces the Sea of Japan.

460,000 people live here and the center of this region.

It is characterized by historical buildings such as Higashi-chaya ,the beautiful Kenrokuen Garden which is one of the three most famous gardens in Japan, Kanazawa Castle, ninja temples and shrines, and rich traditional culture.

Kanazawa is also rich in traditional crafts and delicious food culture, especially gold leaf, lacquer ware, Kaga Yuzen( traditional kimono dying), and fresh seafood.

It is known as “Little Kyoto” and is a popular tourist destination.

I show you how we ended the local cuisine!

Higashi-chaya( tea houses)

Higashi Chaya street

A traditional place to walk the streets and experience the beautiful Japanese culture.

There are cafes, restaurants, stores, and bars, it makes you more enjoyable if you take enough time to visit.

Omicho Market

Omicho market

They have a great selection of fresh local produce and traditional goods, with a lively atmosphere.

We tried the fresh sushi, which was a real treat!

Sushi in Omicho market

Kanazawa Sweets

Sweet restaurant in Kanazawa
Sweet in LE MUSEE DE H Kanazawa

They have a variety of sweets, from traditional Japanese flavors to Western favorites, are available with a local flair.

This sweet restaurant LE MUSEE DE H is owned by famous local sweets chef Mt.Tsujiguchi.

He won the first prize at La Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie candy-making category of France in 1997.

All the menu items are very delicious!!

LE MUSEE DE H in Kanazawa

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