100 cherry blossom spots in Japan, at HARADANIEN cherry trees garden in Kyoto

‘100 cherry blossom spots in Japan, at HARADANIEN in Kyoto’
I visited HARADANIEN cherry blossom garden in Kyoto.

This is the hidden cherry blossom spot with 400 cherry trees but only local people know it.
Because this is the private cherry trees garden, only opens during cherry blossom season and colorful leaves season.

It’s located in the north west of Kyoto, behind the mountain of KINKAKUJI temple (Golden pavilion ).
It’s in the cooler mountain area , blooms 7-10 days later than Kyoto city area.
There are 200 tall pink weeping cherry trees, really beautiful in blooming season.

There are many benches , tea and food shop inside . ( you can’t bring food in)
You can enjoy many other flowers like rhododendron, azalea, kerria, plum etc…

The access is by bus .
Kyoto station to RITSUMEIKAN University 35 minutes, then change the bus to HARADANI takes 9 minutes.
This place is not popular for foreign tourists because it’s not the garden attached to the famous temples and shrines like other gardens in Kyoto.
The entrance fee varies from 1200-1800 yen ( 12-18 dollars) up to the blooming ratio!
This day is 1800 yen!!

If you miss the cherry blossom in Kyoto, check out here!
You might enjoy late cherry blossom here .
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

HARADANIEN hidden cherry blossom spot
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