100 cherry blossom spots in Japan, at Torocco densha ( scenic trolley train) in Kyoto’

‘100 cherry blossom spots in Japan, at Torocco densha( scenic trolley train) in Kyoto ‘
I enjoyed Torocco densha in Kyoto.

It’s from JR SAGA ARASHIYAMA( 17 minutes from JR KYOTO ) station , walk 6 minutes to Torocco SAGA station.
It takes 25 minutes river side run to Torocco KAMEOKA station .
You can go back to JR Kyoto station by JR train.
The whole railway is in the middle of the deep river cliff.

The highest point is 84m from the river.
You can see cherry blossom in spring and colorful leaves in autumn both.

It costs 630yen( 6.3 dollars) one way .
We enjoyed beautiful river view ,HOZU river and HOZU valley.
We saw HOZU river cruise people there , looks fun too!

If you get bored of the temple and shrine watching in Kyoto, check it out!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

Torocco densha with cherry blossom
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Enjoy Tokyo and Japan as locals do!

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