The world largest tug of war Naha city in Okinawa!!

The world largest tug of war Naha city in Okinawa!!

Guinness tug of war

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The world largest Tug of War!

Guinness tug of war

I attended The world largest Tug of War festival in Naha Okinawa on 8th October.

It was a regular festival after 4 years because of covid-19.

It’s said the biggest festival in Okinawa too.


Guinness tug of war

Naga Tug of War festival started around 1450 as a celebration of lucky rope.

It has a long history and proud tradition.

It’s suspended 1935, restarted 1971.

It was the 50th anniversary of Naha City’s incorporation.

And the tug of war became a traditional Okinawan cultural event to wish for happiness and peace.

Also for family happiness, business prosperity, prosperity of descendants, and good health by pulling a large rope.

Guiness World Record

Guinness tug of war

In 1995, it was recognized as Guinness World Records.

As it’s the world’s longest rope made of rice straw with a total length of 200 m, a total weight of 43 tons.

Moreover 15,000 handlers, and 270,000 participants.

Since then, the number of participants has increased every year, not only from within Okinawa Prefecture but also from overseas.

It has now become one of the most popular events in all Okinawa!


Tug of War parade

The festival is 6,7,8 3 days but main is 8th October.

There is a parade of all villages of Naha city in the morning.

It’s very spectacular!

The top guy shows the tall tower handling and children follow them with traditional music and instruments!

Tug of War competition

Tug of 200m 43 ton

In the afternoon, the largest tug of war starts at the big intersection of Naha.

There are several ceremonies before the competition, like music, dance and Karate performances which is Okinawa originally started.

Then the tug of war started by the yell of the organizer!

The teams are WEST and EAST!

Tired 2 ropes

It’s said 15000 people but all the audiences also can join as the handlers!

Tug of War competition

I did too!

After 30 minutes competition, EAST wan finally!

Tug of War competition

But the atmospheric is very warm and friendly.

Both teams praised each other’s fight.

Victory dance

How was it?

Why don’t you join next time?

You will find another charm of Japan!

I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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