Wood culture in NIHON MINKAEN ( Japanese folklore houses museum)

‘WOOD CULTURE in NIHON MINKAEN ( Japan folklore houses museum ) ’

If you say western civilization as a ‘ stone culture’ , Japanese culture would refer as a’ wood culture’.

Thatched roof

Our traditional houses , daily necessities are made from wood ,bamboo and plants.
This is NIHON-MINKAEN, Japanese folklore houses museum in KAWASAKI city next to Tokyo.

It’s founded 1967 to preserve the traditional Japanese houses and daily necessities .

Daily necessities made by bamboo and wood

You can see the beautiful thatched roof farmer’s houses , silk cultivation houses, water mill , wooden farmer’s houses and daily necessities made by wood, bamboo and plants.
It’s located in the hill of KAWASAKI city , the atmosphere is pretty similar to Japanese ordinary traditional small village.

Traditional thatched roof house with silk warm floor
Water mill

75% of Japanese land is covered by the mountain, we can be said as a ‘forest people’.

Wooden house

I came across the old women are making new year ornaments by handmade from abandoned rice straws . Yes we try to use everything as effectively as possible .

Women are making the new year ornaments from
the rice straws
New year ornament made by rice straws
New year ornament

Of course they are not the real farmers but presenting the traditional way of making for the visitors .

The farmer

Also you will see the traditional games and performances in the village square using old time simple handmade tools.
You will understand the Japanese sustainable way of life ,wood culture and differences from your culture!!
I’m Nobu, one heart enjoy together!!!

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