How to grow Chinese quince, Bonsai art Tokyo

How to grow Chinese quince, Bonsai art Tokyo

Chinese quince Bonsai art Tokyo
Chinese quince
Bonsai garden in Showa Kinen park

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Chinese quince

flowering plant family Rosaceae

Best time to see

April-May (flowers) 

October-November (fruit)

Category: Bonsai with fruits

Even bonsai trees produce large fruits like garden trees.

They gradually turn yellow and have a fragrance.

When the fruit ripens, it may fall off, so you need to be careful when handling it.

If you put the fallen fruit on a branch, you can enjoy it again.

The berries cannot be eaten.

It is a cold-hardy tree and should be placed in a sunny location.

Be careful not to run out of water in summer.

Be careful not to run out of water in summer.

If the tree runs out of water during the two months between flowering and fruiting, the fruit will not grow.

Please be careful.


Apply a ball fertilizer containing phosphoric acid and potassium from after fruiting until October.

Use bone meal as the primary fertilizer.

Pests and Diseases

Be careful of fruit-eating weevils. Watch carefully and remove them as soon as you find them.

Repotting and soil

Repot in September using basic soil.

The roots are very vigorous, so replant every two years.

Also, you can be bold about organizing the roots.


If nothing is done, the branches will grow upward.

And the fruits will grow on the tips of short branches, so prune to make short branches.

Bonsai garden in Showa kinen park
Bonsai garden
How to enjoy Bonsai
How to enjoy Bonsai
Various tree shapes
Various tree shapes
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