Batman Ninja, Ninja turtle, what is Ninja?

Batman Ninja, Ninja turtle, what is Ninja?

We Japanese boys grew up watching ninja cartoons and TV shows from a kindergarten age. And we often played live ninja role playing games with our friends.

Ninja and Samurai role play is a kind of common childhood experience for us.

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Batman Ninja , Ninja today

There is a Movie called Batman Ninja

Recently, the ninja is getting popular in the world. For instance Hollywood movie Batman Ninja and the Ninja Turtle in anime. These are attracting people all over the world.

Do you know what is Ninja?

History of Ninja

Ninja is a user of ninjutsu, the art of warfare developed uniquely in Japan.

Historically, people named them as “shinobi’. During the Warring States period, (15-16th century)ninja were called upon by the feudal lords of various regions.

It is said that they invaded the enemy’s stronghold. Then they gathered information in disguise, carried out night raids, and sometimes carried out sabotage.

However, the most important job for the ninja was to inform the lord of the enemy’s situation.

Therefore, they avoided fighting as much as possible.

And their top priority was to survive and return to their lord.

This may be the reason why they used many ninjutsu to protect themselves.

They used various ninjutsu in this espionage.

Ninjutsu, Ninja technic

Suiton no jutsu and Katon no jutsu

For example, there is a type of ninjutsu “tonjutsu ” . These are known as ‘suiton no jutsu’ “water seclusion” or ‘katon no jutsu’ “fire seclusion.

Ton jutsu is a type of ninjutsu used to escape or hide from enemies.

In the case of water seclusion , the ninja would swim in the water, dive to hide.

Or throw heavy stones to make the enemy think they were jumping into the water while they were running away.

In the case of fire seclusion techniques, they would set fire to straw or firewood. Or use gunpowder to distract the enemy’s attention.


Disguising oneself as a monk, acrobat, or farmer to sneak into the enemy’s camp. Or eavesdropping on the enemy to obtain information is also a form of ninjutsu.

Shuriken ( throwing knife )and Needl

When in combat with the enemy, they used shuriken and needle techniques to defend themselves. Also, they use fire techniques to attack.

Spells and illusions

They also used spells and illusions to deceive enemy and well versed in pharmacy. They understand the plants nature too.

There are several Ninja museums in Japan.
Especially Ninja museum of Igaryu is located in the birthplace of Ninja, Mie prefecture.
They offer the Ninja history, Ninja practice and Ninja show here. The entrance fee is 800yen( 8 dollars) . If you’re interested in Ninja, check it out!

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