Bonsai art Tokyo, How to care Rengyo bonsai

Bonsai art Tokyo, How to care Rengyo bonsai

Rengyo bonsai

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Rengyo Bonsai

I saw a Rengyou bonsai.

It was at the Kokufu Bonsai Exhibition at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

Kokufu bonsai exhibition at Tokyo metropolitan art museum

The yellow flowers bloom all over the branches at the same time as cherry blossoms.

It is a deciduous tree native to China.

It has long been used in Chinese medicine as an antifebrile and diuretic.

Its roots grow vigorously, so it can also be enjoyed for its uprooting.


Rengyo bonsai

It prefers a sunny and well-ventilated location.

But it should be placed where it is not exposed to strong west sunlight.


Rengyo bonsai

As a rule of thumb, water the plant thoroughly once a day in spring and fall.

Then once every two days in winter, and twice in the morning and evening in mid-summer.


Rengyo bonsai

To improve flowering in the following year, trim the branches around May after flowering is over.

Pruning in the fall should be done sparingly.

Because flower buds will be produced on the branches that grow from the pruned branches.

Pests and Diseases

Rengyo bonsai

Caesar wilt may occur from spring to summer.

Spraying with machine oil emulsion in winter will help prevent them.


Repot every year around March or in the fall before new shoots appear.

The roots will fill the pot, so carefully loosen the roots and cut off any long roots that grow downwards.

Cut off any unwanted fly.

Buds trim

Remove buds from the trunk and old branches.

How are these ?

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Rengyo bonsai

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